About Us

SmartJars® were designed and patented by Giacomo Strollo, president and founder of The Strollo Design Company, located in San Diego, California. As an avid BBQ and dry rub enthusiast, SmartJars® were born out of a need to safely and neatly store bulk spices, but, ended up becoming useful for much, much more.

“I was spending way too much money on tiny containers of spices from chain grocery stores. I quickly moved on to purchasing spices in bulk from a local market. Then the big problem was: What do I do with all these baggies of spices that accumulated in my cupboard? Most of the spice jars on the market were too small for the quantities I cook in. They were too expensive, and I didn’t really like the way most of them looked. When I found containers that worked somewhat, many didn’t seal well, smelled of chemicals, were of poor quality, or weren’t transparent.”

SmartJars® have evolved from a food-safe solution to store spices, into a way for makers, engineers, wood workers, fabricators, and crafters to organize their work spaces.

“At The Strollo Design Company, SmartJars® are a vital part of keeping our workshop and lab spaces organized. We carry a large inventory of hardware and fasteners that need a reliable and easy to use organizing system. We have a wall in our workshop loaded up with hundreds of SmartJars® that utilize an alpha-numeric labeling system. This set up allows us to quickly find the parts we need, and return them to the same spot every time.”

Here at SmartJars®, we love building, making, and being creative as much as our customers do. We really enjoy hearing feed back on the value that our product brings to their creative spaces, and it pushes us further in turning this little idea into something bigger.